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Residence Stramonte Ligornetto

Newly built apartments for sale in Ligornetto, in a quiet and reserved residential context, but well connected to all services.


The Stramonte Residence is a modern, soon-to-be-built residential development. The project consists of three in-line buildings, each with three above-ground levels, plus a basement. Each building houses a total of 9 housing units.

The basement houses the communalgarage, communal laundry, cellars, and technical room.

The Stramonte Residence will see the use of state-of-the-art building techniques and quality materials. The building will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to curb consumption and reduce the impact on the environment. Heating will be produced by an air-water thermopump. In addition, part of the energy consumption needs will be produced through a photovoltaic system.


Building A

Unit 1A – PT – 2.5 rooms with garden

Unit 2A – PT – 3.5 rooms with garden

Unit 3A – PT – 4.5 rooms with garden

Unit 4A – P1 – 2.5 rooms

Unit 5A – P1 – 3.5 rooms

Unit 6A – P1 – 4.5 rooms

Unit 7A – P2 – 2.5 rooms

Unit 8A – P2 – 3.5 rooms

Unit 9A – P2 – 4.5 rooms

Building B

Unit 1B – PT – 2.5 rooms with garden

Unit 2B – PT – 3.5 rooms with garden

Unit 3B – PT – 4.5 rooms with garden

Unit 4B – P1 – 2.5 rooms

Unit 5B – P1 – 3.5 rooms

Unit 6B – P1 – 4.5 rooms

Unit 7B – P2 – 2.5 rooms

Unit 8B – P2 – 3.5 rooms

Unit 9B – P2 – 4.5 rooms

Building C

Unit 1C – PT – 4.5 rooms with garden

Unit 2C – PT – 3.5 rooms with garden

Unit 3C – PT – 3.5 rooms with garden

Unit 4C – P1 – 4.5 rooms

Unit 5C – P1 – 3.5 rooms

Unit 6C – P1 – 3.5 rooms

Unit 7C – P2 – 4.5 rooms

Unit 8C – P2 – 3.5 rooms

Unit 9C – P2 – 3.5 rooms


The Stramonte Residence consists of 27 apartments of 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 rooms with gardens and/or terraces. The modular structure allows the construction of even larger housing units.

The properties will be delivered with modern-style kitchen and bathroom fittings, and depending on the square footage, one or two parking spaces will be allocated in the garage. There is also provision in each unit for the connection of washer-dryer columns.

The materials used are of high quality, and the finishes are customizable during the construction stages.

Residence Stramonte Ligornetto

Residenza Stramonte will rise in Ligornetto, in a residential, flat, quiet area, just minutes from the center of Mendrisio and highway access. Schools and the bus stop are easily reached within minutes.

For more information about these new apartments for sale in Ligornetto in an area well connected to all services or to learn about other apartments, houses and villas for sale in Ticino, contact our real estate agency now!

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Via Vincenzo Vela Ma 11a , 6850 Mendrisio


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